Workshops are for both amateurs and professionals. Novices should be familiar with their camera, tripod and instruction booklets. We accept 15 participants per workshop and you are registered for  a workshop once we have confirmed receipt of your deposit.  Only registered participants may attend lectures and receive field instruction and evaluation of their work. The price of the workshop includes tuition, accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner. We accept bank guaranteed cheques, Master and Visa cards.

NB Please arrive no later than mid afternoon of the first day as the group  meets  by 17:30 that day and please plan your  departure for no earlier than the morning following the final day as the final evening is an important part of the workshop.

Workshop Content:

Every day there are instructional illustrated lectures on photography, evaluation of the previous day’s work and a field trip. Participants and instructors go to various locations for the field trips. There is a special program featuring the student’s photographs on the final afternoon. These presentations are open to accompanying partners and friends. A workshop schedule will be handed out when you arrive. Participants must provide their own transportation and we kindly ask participants to team up for field trips. Additional fees will be charged if transportation is provided by the hotel.

We provide projection equipment for digital images.

For Digital Photographers

Please bring your own laptop with photo enhancement software eg Adobe, photoshop etc and the software CD, bulk storage medium or USB flash drive, your camera manual and a polarizing filter. Participants using digital medium should be familiar with their cameras – setting for ISO, white balance, metering system exposure compensation and its interpretation using histograms.   You should also be familiar with the playback features that enable you to select, delete and transfer images to your computer or bulk storage medium or USB flash drive.

We will assume that you have software such as photoshop, paintshop, adobe Elements (latest version) or other on your computer that will enable you, at least, to adjust the contrast, brightness, hue, saturation and sharpness of your images. You should be familiar with the cloning and selection tools and be able to resize your images and save them in formats such as tiff, bitmap or jpeg. Be sure to bring your software CD with you to enable reinstalling of corrupted programmes.

For Film Photographers

PLEASE NOTE: Processing of Film will unfortunately not be possible.

Please bring a polarizing filter, a graduated neutral density filter, an 81A (warming) filter and an 82A(cooling) filter (for blue flowers). Although we will help you with technical matters if you are a relative beginner, familiarize yourself with the operation of your camera as much as you can before you arrive and be sure to bring your camera manual with you. Endeavour to learn how the light meter operates, about lens openings, about manual, aperture and shutter priority and exposure compensation. Then we can review and add to your knowledge as we don’t want lack of technical competence to interfere with your photography.


Bring your usual photographic equipment, extra batteries and an extra camera body if possible.

Definitely bring a sturdy tripod with and easy-to-use head. We find the Manfrotto ART-190 tripod (any version) and press- type head (e.g. Manfrotto head #222) are not heavy and very easy to use.


Bring clothes suitable for both warm and cool (possibly wet) weather.