Nestled at the foot of the picturesque hills of the Kamiesberge in South Africa’s Namaqualand is the Kamieskroon Hotel.

A family owned and run hotel that emanates an air of tranquility that lulls one to want to live here.

Surrounded by rolling hills of wildflowers during spring, the area is according to Colla Swart (one of the founders of the Namaqualand Photography Workshops) an all-year sensory indulgence. Just 20km’s away is the iconic Namaqualand National Park.


Spanning a history of

almost a century

in the heart of South Africa’s Namaqualand, the Kamieskroon Hotel was established in 1925 and built by Joe Josephson and Max Schapera. A Jewish year of 5 586 was also incorporated into the Star of David at the entrance.

The hotel has since been renovated several times while still retaining its country hotel charm.

The name ‘Kamieskroon’ is borne out of the nearby 330-meter rock formation that resembles a crown, called Kardou. There is another rock formation nearby which we have charmingly called the ‘Sleeping Man’.